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Corporate Branding and Product Placement


As facilitated by FilmNC Capital Management, unique and broad-based branding and product placement opportunities are afforded to businesses, corporations and industries that are looking to implement innovative advertising strategies available within the motion picture industry that will reach a broad national and international audience.

Product placement within feature-length films has historically proved to have a very direct, visual impact on consumers and provides for a highly effective form of subtle advertising. Additionally, corporate branding and product placement exposure may be folded into a film’s publicity campaign. This form of effective marketing is achieved at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising, as it does not require separate expenditures for the production of the marketing tool itself, nor is it concerned with associated distribution costs.

Leveraging North Carolina's status as a leading producer of motion pictures, FilmNC Capital Management, LLC is planted in fertile soil as it fulfills its Company mission of bridging private equity and feature-length motion picture production.

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