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Broad Based Exposure for NC

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Broad-Based Exposure for the Tar Heel State

Favorable exposure for the Tar Heel state will be achieved through the actual visual display of the geographical and architectural grandeur of North Carolina through state-wide location shots that may be displayed within a given motion picture financed by the Company — as well as through the publicity, awards and interest generated by that specific film. Additionally, this exposure will be accentuated by the inquiry and interest from media and other interested parties in FilmNC Capital Management as a business entity in and of itself. Therefore, through its efforts, FilmNC Capital Management will facilitate:

An increase in North Carolina tourism.

The attraction of business and industry to the Tar Heel state.

The continuing promotional positioning of a favorable and duly

respectful global opinion of the state of North Carolina.

Leveraging North Carolina's status as a leading producer of motion pictures, FilmNC Capital Management, LLC is planted in fertile soil as it fulfills its Company mission of bridging private equity and feature-length motion picture production.

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