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Economic Multiplier Effect

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Major Contributions of Film Capital

Management to the State of North Carolina

As well as providing increased employment opportunities, the business of motion picture production is a powerful engine of state economic growth, generating a “multiplier effect” that includes:

Increased business and sales revenues as a result of spending specifically associated with the production of a given film (e.g., the construction of sets; the rental or purchase of production equipment, costumes and vehicles; the procurement of craft services and catering; the retention of hotel and housing accommodations, etc.).

Increased ancillary and collateral business revenues garnered a result of the production of a specific film (e.g., associated merchandizing revenues, increased service industry revenues, etc.).

Increased state tax revenues.

Leveraging North Carolina's status as a leading producer of motion pictures, FilmNC Capital Management, LLC is planted in fertile soil as it fulfills its Company mission of bridging private equity and feature-length motion picture production.

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