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Tax & Financial Incentives

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Unequaled Tax and Financial Incentives

Investment in the production of motion pictures — particularly those produced in North Carolina — allows for an almost unequaled premium in tax credits, tax liability deductions and rebates compared with those attached to most other commercial enterprises. Investors in the industry can take advantage of uncommon and virtually unrivaled federal and state financial and tax incentives that can effectively allow for a recoupment of much of the investment principal in the tax year the investment is made — this before its film product is actually released and begins to generate theatrical box office and associated revenues.

These most attractive federal and state financial and tax incentives, credits and rebates exist to mitigate the effect of “Runaway Productions” — productions that draw on domestic talent and development resources, but which choose to go into actual production in locations outside the United States and the state of North Carolina, respectively.

These available incentives are surprisingly simple to understand and easy to implement.

Leveraging North Carolina's status as a leading producer of motion pictures, FilmNC Capital Management, LLC is planted in fertile soil as it fulfills its Company mission of bridging private equity and feature-length motion picture production.

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