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A Disciplined, Strategic Approach to Film Finance

The Company employs a disciplined, strategic approach to film finance. Its overarching purpose is to put its “Producer” imprimatur on superbly structured, award-caliber motion pictures that have the studied potential for high theatrical box office success, resulting in the capture of solid revenue gains.

Specifically, FilmNC Capital Management is designed to finance and support the production of a continually replenished, staggered slate of four to five feature-length motion pictures. As bellwether, FilmNC Capital Management has the distinction of being the only privately held equity fund in the United States that finances motion pictures produced exclusively within any one given state.

In today’s film production business environment of unprecedented federal and state tax incentives, foreign pre-sale packages and associated attractive finance structures, well-considered and carefully vetted motion picture projects can produce timely, appealing returns for individual and institutional investors — with the inherent characteristic of long-term residual revenue streams.

Leveraging North Carolina's status as a leading producer of motion pictures, FilmNC Capital Management, LLC is planted in fertile soil as it fulfills its Company mission of bridging private equity and feature-length motion picture production.

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